How do I get it to stop replacing text when I type?

When I try to correct an entry it types over what is there rather than add letters.

You have inadvertently switched to “overwrite” mode . This should be reported in the bottom status bar.

Either click on word “Overwrite” in the status bar to clear it or press the Ins key on your keyboard.

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Thanks! I did have it accidentally pressed the INS key on my computer. I do not see the word “overwrite” on the status bar. Is it actually the word or an icon?

Maybe the status bar is hidden. Check View>Status Bar. Also exact wording (full word or abbreviation) may depend on LO version. Mine is

Thank you so much! I just updated to I do see the word overwrite on the very bottom. I was looking at the icons not the last row with actual words. You just made my day!!