How do I get my gtk top bar with maximize and minimize back?

My son was messing with my computer and changed some kind of setting and the top bar of LibreOffice has changed on PopOS 20.10 (Ubuntu 20.10 derivative). Is there a setting to restore the general gtk theme so it’s consistent with the other windows in the operating system.

Looks like this:

Should look like this:

Do you mean it is only with LibreOffice?

It is rather a window manager issue. Have you tried the Gnome support? Check in the Gnome settings if there is an option to hide the title bar of the applications. Somewhere in the themes or window decoration…

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Yeah, it is only with LibreOffice. Every other application looks like the second image that I posted. I tried reinstalling and resetting the user profile, but I can’t get it to look like the system gtk theme anymore.

You can try sudo apt remove libreoffice-qt5.

But I don’t see why LO would have displayed the title bar before.

Else, there may be an option that allows such behavior on an application basis and not system-wide.