How do I get my user defined functions to display in function list and auto fill in cell when I start typing "=Functionname" ?

I’m new to LO Calc and seem to be having a problem getting my user defined functions (UDF) to one; display in the list of available functions along with all the other LO built-in functions and two; when I start to type my user UDF in a cell, it does not start to “auto-fill” like the built-in functions… resulting in me first, always having to rememeber the names that I give the functions and second, having to know the exact function properties when typing it into the cell. How can I make it happen so that I can see my UDFs in the functions pull-down list and also start to auto populate my cell when I start to type the function into a cell?


Well, seams it’s not possible by default and to accomplish this, some additional effort is needed. See

but be aware I have not tested or ever needed this so I’m not sure will it help.

Thanks Kruno. That solution is bit more involved than I had imagined, but what the heck… I’ll give it a try!

Check this tread again from time to time as this site has more experienced users and they can be a whole lot more helpful then me.

@badgerdog: The approach I described on StackOverflow should work, once all the files are correct. Edit your question if you get stuck, and I’ll probably be able to help. I upvoted the question to give you enough reputation so you can attach files if needed.