How do I get quickstarter to open up documents in the correct display?

I use libreoffice 4.3 on Linux Mint 13 xfce, I keep QuickStarter enabled because I’m going in and out of Writer and Calc all day, and it would otherwise take forever to open up the document.

Occasionally, I log in remotely to my computer using ssh with X support turned on. When I attempt to open a document in that remote session from the command line, it opens up on my screen back at the office instead. This does not happen if I exit out of QuickStarter on that display before heading out, but if I forget, then I have to go in and find the process and kill it.

Is there any way to get QuickStarter to open up the document on the correct display instead?

I have no effective answer for quickstarter other than to suggest avoiding it. A developer has commented on these forums that it was mostly a placebo. It has now been removed from the Windows build and may disposed of entirely before too long.

Thank you for the information. Although, without it, LibreOffice loads very slowly. I guess the alternative is to just leave LibreOffice open all day, although I suspect I’ll still have this same problem.

Here under Debian 7 x86_64 + LXDE it loads in ~1-2 sec without quickstarter on a low-to-moderate system. I would examine other system settings because LO under GNU/Linux should be quite fast. It is more likely the desktop environment is the cause (especially if your XFCE has pulled in a large chunk of Gnome).