How do I get rid of a view with side by side pages?

My Libre Office suddenly started opening a new document with side by side pages. How did that happen? How to get it back? It is set to have only 1 column.

Windows 10 is updated.

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I also suspect your question is Writer related. You tagged common, meaning you add the problem also in Calc, Impress, Draw, Base and Math. So please retag writer instead of common if I’m right.

You are correct. I am a total novice at this forum. And I am requesting help with Writer.

My writer opens a ‘new document’ with p.1 on the top right of the page but then puts a p.2 below and to the left of that [automatically]. Then p.3 is placed under p.1 to the right of p.2. Very confusing and no idea how I set it to do this. And as I commented, I have insured that it is set as a 1 column document.

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I am a total novice at this forum.

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Look at your status bar, near the right-hand end. Do you see 5 page symbols? A single page, two pages side-by-side, and two pages in book fashion? Click on the single page. That should do it.

Sorry, but I already tried that but no help.

Reread @ve3oat’s answer. The bottom right area of the window looks like this:

zoom slider

If you don’t see these tools, View>Status Bar.

Click on one of the 3 page symbols, from left to right: single page, multiples pages, book view.

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