How do I get rid of clipboard-pasting-by-Enter?

An irritating feature in LO Calc — it’s been there as long as I remember, still there as of version (in English, on OS X) — is that after copying a cell or a range of cells to the clipboard, the selection becomes… “highlighted” for the lack of a better term (distinct from being selected; visually identified by an animated dashed border). After this, as long as no cells’ contents have been edited, hitting Enter will paste the clipboard contents into the currently selected cell(s). This overrides both any other actions assigned for the Enter key, and the usual warning about pasting data into cells that already have content.

I have no use for this feature, and I would like to disable it, but I’ve so far not found anything in the documentation that as much as acknowledges that the feature even exists.

That feature is there from LO 3.3.
Disable request is
Warning issue is
If ESC is pressed after copying, then animated dashed border (ants) is gone and Enter doesn’t paste content.
Options-Calc-General-Input Settings has Enter to switch to edit mode.

It took a while, but thank you for linking the bug reports at least. Interesting how 47490 seems to be treated as a legitimate but minor issue, but 34686 is just claimed from above to be intentional and “essential” for some seemingly classified reason. (And perhaps there should be a third bug report filed for the clipboard being cleared after paste-by-Enter.)

Honestly the ONLY reason I use LibreOffice rather than Excel is the ability to edit cells with Enter (I work with a lot of text data that doesn’t yield to usual spreadsheet methods well), though the fact that this feature intervenes is making it still a relatively hard sell.

just today 10th June 2019 (!) switched from OpenOffice to LibreOffice AND I realize in Calc that this bad feature of pasting with the enter key IS STILL THERE !!! (these bug reports above (Bug 34686 and Bug 39531) are dating back to 2011 !! – So why do the LibreOffice developers/software programmers do not implement a check box in
“Preferences…” > “LibreOffice Calc” > “General” allowing to “Disable paste with Enter key” ???
It would be great if the users themselves could just choose which bevavious of the enter key they like !
Thanks !

I cannot believe this feature is still there! Who sees this as a valuable feature? It has no use other than obstruct workflow. It even deletes clipoard content, so you have to undo the accidental paste and copy again what you had in clipboard.

I will probably kill this feature via AutoHotkey: When Ctrl+C sends Ctrl+C and then Escape to the LibreOffice window this strange and garbage behaviour is gone. However the borders that highlight what you have copied is gone as well.