How do I get rid of the empty space/facilitate entering characters in this space after the table in this document?

I have attached the document in question.
The table I am referring to in this question’s title has a black heading with white text titled “HOW I WANT TO SPEND MY TIME”.

No “page break after” is set in table properties, and spacing below table is set to 0.0mm…


C:\fakepath\Ultimate Goal Brainstorm Worksheet [Libreoffice help example].odt

To add a line below the table, put the cursor at the end of the last cell (lower-right) and press Alt Enter. Then, look at the table properties (last button on the Table toolbar) → Table tab: it has 4 cm as “space below.”

Whoops, you’re right; spacing below was set to 4mm. At any rate there was still space on the same page.
Your suggestion to use Alt Enter worked though, so thanks.