How do I get rid of this media player thingee?

I was trying to see what the “Tools>Gallery” feature does, and I clicked on a sound file in there. That opened a pane in the left hand of the screen that appeared to be some kind of media player. Unfortunately, I can’t find a way to make that pane close. I can hide it, but it reappears every time I open a file, and is pretty annoying. Any Idea how to make this go away?

The grey thing on the left hand side. What is that???

EDIT: Question answered below. Thanks a lot!


@lostinthesound – You should have enough karma to upload files now :slight_smile:

Please upload a web-friendly image (e.g. jpg or png) so that we can take a look at this ‘media player’.


Undock the media player: drag it (in the marked gray area) with the mouse to the right.

Then you can hit the “Close” button.

OK SWEET that worked. I think I tried doing similar things before, but maybe I just wasn’t dragging from quite the right place…