How do I get the GPO settings to apply on client machines?

I have copied the ADMX and ADML files to the central repository, adjusted the GPO settings, linked the GPO, applied to all domain users, even applied directly to my own computer, but I cannot get the settings to update using the GPO. I know my way around group policy, and have created solid policies for other items, but I can’t get this to work. Can anybody help? What am I missing?

You did not describe:

  1. Windows version;
  2. LibreOffice version;
  3. Which ADMX you used (taken from where and which version);
  4. GPO setup (including which AD containers it is assigned to; its security settings and/or its applied WMI filtering);
  5. Settings you defined in GPO, including if you defined them per-user or per-computer;
  6. How did you define them (e.g., if the settings are final or not) - possibly screenshots would be helpful.

Apologies for not including some of the details in my original post.

  1. Windows 7 & 10.
  2. Version
  3. Collabora ADMX (
  4. GPO applied to users/computers in domain initially, then specifically to my own computer for troubleshooting
  5. Applied Customer Info (ex. company name, address, etc.), load/save defaults, macro security, possibly others
  6. Defined policies under machine settings, then user settings to troubleshoot, all with Final settings

Hello, referring to the ADMX XML file you provided, it supports up to 6_0_27. Since the XML file is very specific for each supported version it’s likely that is not fully supported by this ADMX.

@Cookievore - that statement is generally wrong. Only in very rare situations can some differences in configuration make difference in ADMX function.

For the settings mentioned by OP, I cannot reproduce problems with latest release and master (although OP has again mentioned which settings were made in security, but not which AD containers are assigned).

Just in case anyone else is having this issue/question; This appears to be installing on all new installations. It is just not installing on workstations that have LO previously installed.