How do I get the typography toolbar footnotes markers (asterisk, etc.) to work?

I’ve installed the extension Typography toolbar 1.0 (0.5 oxt) in order to be able to use footnote markers: asterisk, dagger, etc. but when I select that (Footnote numbering symbols from the toolbar) it still uses numeric footnote markers and changes the font type from Times New Roman. How do I get this to work? Why isn’t the asterisk, dagger, etc. sequence for footnote markers a basic option for LO? I’m running LibreOffice Writer

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Running LibO 5.3.0 on Win 10, just downloaded and installed Typography 1.1 and can’t reproduce your problem. Of course, you have to set Linux Libertine G or another Graphite font as the font for your body text.

It’s true that you can’t set the asterisk, dagger style for footnotes in LibO, and that’s odd, although I suspect that the asterisk and dagger style is somewhat old-fashioned.

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Thank you for responding. I admit that I’m the pretty ignorant about Typology 1.1 as there wasn’t any documentation accompanying it that I came across that was for a newbie.

I don’t know if the asterisk, dagger style is old fashion; I’ve seen it used in several fairly recently published books (and my not too ancient “The Chicago Manual of Style” still discusses it)–probably something the publisher weighs in on. That said, I have both footnotes and end notes and need to differentiate between.

That is–differentiate within the text body and none of the other footnote marker options were desirable. But that is another issue.

As floris said, you need Linux Libertine G or Linux Biolinum G font. Then edit the following character styles: Footnote anchor and Footnote characters and set the font as

Linux Libertine G:foot=1


Linux Biolinum G:foot=1

Just remember to number the footnotes “per page” on Tools → Footnotes and endnotes → Footnotes tab.

Thank you for responding. I’ll try that. Is that documented anywhere?

Yes, It’s documented Here and this is the ODF version.

This solution is by no means automatic, but might work for you nevertheless. It’s quick and easy and also documented here: []

Don’t use “Insert → Footnote and Endnote → Footnote”.
Instead, use “Insert → Footnote and Endnote → Footnote or Endnote…”
Then, in the pop-up window choose any char for the footnote.

You can use the same character multiple times on mutliple pages (or even the same page, but that might cause some confusion :-/ ).