How do I go from one page in Draw to another

The only way I’ve found to navigate in Draw is the Page:Navigate which only advances 1 page at a time which takes time especially when I may have say 8 pages.

And in the lower left corner of the window it says “Slide 2 of 4”, so is it a page or a slide?
Just to the left of the “Layout” tab are left and right arrows. Are these for navigation?

I’m using version

In the sidebar (Ctrl + F5) you can select the navigator. There you can directly select any slide in the Navigator. The terminology was set to “slide”, not more page. With me: Windows 10, Version 1809, 64-Bit | LibreOffice, Version: (x64).


Just use the pages pane:

You can see in the image the ability to hide/show the pane. If the pane is not there, you can set it to visible from menu → View->Page Pane.