How do I go to the end of the sheet on macOS?

Is there really no way to go to the end of the sheet on macOS?

Under Customize → Keyboard, I see Cmd+diagonal down right arrow but I don’t know how to press that combo.

BTW, what’s the difference between “To Document End” and “To File End”?

Also, there are two “To File End” entries.

Both are equal: .uno:GoToEndOfData, maybe a duplication bug.
Shortcut in Windows and Linux is Ctrl+End.

In bug report you mention pressing Fn+down arrow. If you need to press Fn key to operate down arrow then you also need to press it as well for anything else involving the down arrow function.
So it seems on your machine you need to press Cmd+Fn+Down arrow

That combo changes sheets.

What’s “End of the sheet”?
“To Document End” and the duplicated “To File End” are both misleading.
The actual effect depends on the kind of document presented in the view having the focus, and mostly also on the current selection respectively the cursor position.
In a spreadsheet with an ordinary (cell or cellranges) selection, e.g, To File End" puts the cell cursor (focus, not selected) on the cell where the last used column is intersecting with the last used row of the same sheet.
To find out what’s meant by “used” in this case requires extra studies.
(And the API also seems to not be sure about. You may play with

The last non-blank column on the last non-blank row. Whatever the “End of the sheet” is on Linux when you press Ctrl+End. I’m not asking about semantics here, just for feature parity.

Did you try Cmd+Fn+Right arrow? See mac - How do I do a diagonal-arrow keyboard shortcut? - Ask Different