how do I hide a graphic in a hidden paragraph

Because LibreOffice Writer doesn’t treat images as first class object that can be inserted or removed directly according to a database value, I’ve been experimenting with doing the same thing by anchoring an image to a character in a hidden paragraph. According the Help web page for hidden paragraphs “When you hide a paragraph, footnotes and frames that are anchored to characters in the paragraph are also hidden.”

When I try it, the image always shows.

The Edit Fields right-click menu on the paragraph shows the Hidden Paragraph condition as != 1
and I have a graphic of the First Place ribbon anchored to a character in that paragraph. The anchor shows itself in the paragraph and the image says it is anchored to a character.

However the graphic always prints whether the database field value is 1, 2, blank or something else.

I want to have multiple hidden paragraphs to provide the correct graphic for the top 3 finishers, participation and support (paid but didn’t run) but I can’t even get one to work properly. Of course, the whole exercise would be moot if LibreOffice simply allowed inserting graphics…