How do i import word replacement file in verson Version:

I have just reinstalled libreoffice to my FC29 linux installation. However I have an extensive word replacement (autocorrect) file, if you like stored on the previous hard drive, and I haven’t a clue where on that drive it might be. I would like to import that “old” ie, extensive file over to my new installation, so I don’t have to completely re-establish it by hand using the new program. Where, please, is this file so I can copy it from the old hard drive to the new one?


you can find you personalized autocorrection file in directory:


(This statement assumes you haven’t chaanged the default path - You can check at Tools → Options → Libreoffice → Paths (Type “AutoCorrect”).

It would take extra effort to check that Tools menu path on an old hard drive :wink:

Yes, I’ve found it on my current installation, thank-you!! Now looking on the previous installation, and with these pointers, I should be able to do the copy. Thanks very much, especially for responding so promptly! It is much appreciated.