How do I increase the font size of sheet names in LibreOffice Calc?

I’ve seen this question asked multiple times over several years yet the issue persists. I’m using verison (Arch Linux), but have been a user since the StarOffice days. Posters have been told to change their system font or modify a gtkrc file, to build some complex stylesheet, or to scale up the entire spreadsheet, which in the current version has no impact on the font size of sheet names.

If every cell in a spreadsheet can have a font size attribute, is it not possible to add a font size attribute to sheet names?
Personally I’m at wits end on this as my vision requires I both wear reading glasses and scale up the sheet. I’m about to search alternate software solutions. Please give real consideration on this and not have some bot point me to an asked/answered post. Not sure if a human reads these questions …

Not sure if a human reads these questions …

Yes, definitely and there are quite a few. They are users like you and try to help others.

But at the same time that is the reason why no one here can help you.

You have a change request. You can submit it on Bugzilla.

Thank you for your understanding.

Thanks for the pointer. I’ve reported this and although it has yet to be confirmed as valid bug/feature request, it can be seen at:
Hopefully it will be taken up.