How do I insert a new page before ToC?

I had ToC as my first page. Now I want to insert a new page before that. Ctrl+Enter just extends the ToC title to a whole page.

There is a longhand work round, start a new document, create two pages, copy with CTRL+A the whole of the existing document and Paste in to the second page of the new one. This will expand to cover the original content and leave you with a nice clean 1st page.

Why not delete the TOC and recreate at new space, I hoped for an easier way too, but it looks like not as easy.


Set the cursor in the ToC

Right-click (context menu) → Edit Index/Table

Disable: ☐ Protected against manual changes



Set the cursor before the “T” (of Table of Contents)

Press 2x Alt+Enter


Set the cursor in the new paragraph before the ToC


Menu: Insert → Manual break → Page break …


(5) Context menu: Update Index/Table

See also: Bug 51689 - EDITING: Enhancement: Additional possibility to insert paragraphs before and after sections, tables and indexes