how do I insert a row in Database

When I try to set up a table in design view and wish to change the order of my fields, or insert an extra field, I can’t do it. Basically I have to either write out my fields in longhand and arrange them or delete fields and start again from scratch.

I too have never been able to arrange the fields in the order I want when editing the definition of a table…

But I try not to see this as an issue!.. Because…

We are told that it is a Bad Idea to access tables directly. That we should ALWAYS use a form.

If you want access that looks like the simple “direct” access, that’s easy: Use the form wizard. Accept the default suggestion of “As Data Sheet” for the arrangement of the controls.

If you re-sequenced the selected fields in the first step of the wizard, that’s the job done. if you didn’t, you can edit the form, to move columns left and right. Not with a simple drag, alas, but by using “Insert Column” (You want to insert a “formatted field”, I think. And you need to “attach” the required data, using the columns properties dialog, “data” tab.) (Followed by deleting the same data in its original column.)

Editing the form isn’t hard, really… but it may be easier to re-run the wizard, this time remembering to resequence!

It seems to be not posible at the moment.
if you want to put a new field you have to put it at the end of the wizard.
It is possible by direct SQL (Alter table), but it doesn’t really seems neccessary if you use queries or views.


I think @Longi meant “design tool” (arrived at by opening a table for edit) where he/she said “wizard”. Pedant? Moi? Sorry… but I have seen such things confuse and confound novices to whom navigating a new tool isn’t second nature.