how do I insert a sound file into a cell

I have a spreadsheet listing my jingles and want to link a pre-recorded sound to each entry

Insert -> Media -> Audio or Video... and anchor “To Cell”

You can npt put objects INTO a cell. You can put numbers, strings, formulas, hiperlinks into a cell. All other objects will be located on a graphic layer. You can anchor only these objects to a cell.

Do you want to play these sound files by a click on the appeared “ICON”?

Yes, thank you, I wondered if that was the way

I have not found a way to play a sound file on clicking the icon. You can select the icon and then use a button in the Media Playback toolbar to play. I caution you to not use the position control. I did and it seems to have corrupted my calc file in that it now plays from different times in the file each time I try to play it. A complete exit from all office documents and this still remains, so it has corrupted the file. Even deleting the icon and adding a new, different file has the same results.