How do I insert a toolbar icon into a text document

I am writing a basic “User Manual” and wish insert a toolbar icon to explain a procedure. I know that I can use a Snipping tool but is not easy to position the icon correctly within the text. Is there a better way?

Are you talking about icons from LibreOffice toolbars only? If yes - have a look into <LibreOfficeInstallDir>/share/config. You’ll find the zip files containing the icons for various icon styles (Breeze, Colibre, etc.).

`` depends on your platform:

GNU/Linux - TDF packages: <LibreOfficeInstallDir> = /opt/libreoffice6.4
Windows 10 - 64 bit LibreOffice: <LibreOfficeInstallDir> = %ProgramFiles%\LibreOffice
(macOS is different)

Whether this is *a better way* is quite subjective.

Is your question also about positioning the icon within the text? If the icon is to part of text (not an aside-text figure), anchor it As character in the explanation/procedure paragraph. It the behaves as just another character (yet oversized).

Thank your for response.
I think I will stick with using the Snipping Tool.
Yes, I anchor the pasted icon “As character”.

To insert an icon from a toolbar into a block of text:

  • launch the Sniping Tool (from the Task bar) and select New (on the left in the Sniping Tool toolbar).

    The cursor will change to an open cross.
    Drag the cursor around the area that you want to capture.

  • In the Sniping Tool edit menu, select copy (to the clipboard).

  • In the document edit menu select Paste Special> Paste Special.

  • In the Paste Special dialog, click the OK button.

  • In the document, position the image to your requirements.

    (In the case of a toolbar icon, this may be in the middle of a sentence.)

  • Right-click on the pasted image and select Properties to open a dialog.

    In the dialog, under Anchor, select ‘As character’.

(formatting enhanced by ajlittoz)

What is the "Snip(p)ing tool*? Is it a utility provided by the OS? In which case, which OS? Please edit your answer to add this information.

With As character anchoring mode, position is implicit and not adjustable. Just set the cursor to the target position. Paste the image (by default it is usually To paragraph or To character but Writer remembers cursor position) and change the anchor mode.

Depending on the size of the image, another anchor mode may be preferable because of the versatility in positioning it relative to the referencing paragraph.