how do I insert a user-defined field in a calc spreadsheet

In calc, under File>Properties, it is possible to define custom properties. Writer allows the user to do so, and in writer it is possible to insert these into a document, and that is extremely useful.

While calc allows the user to define these, there appears to be no way (OK, no OBVIOUS way) to insert these into a spreadsheet. (and a Google search has not helped)

Right clicking on the cell does not display anything that “appears” to allow such an insertion.

Is there a way to insert the contents of a custom property into a spreadsheet cell?

If there is not, then what is the purpose of allowing the user to define them if they cannot be used (not griping - simply curious)? Thanks.

(Hinweis: Ich spreche auch Deutsch. Also wenn Sie nicht auf Eglish beantworten können, wahrscheinlich werde ich eine Antwort auf Deutsch verstehen. Danke.)

We have the same question. We also searched but found nothing.

We found how to display in Calc the “Insert > Fields” menu. But after that we can’t find how to insert our Custom Properties. Here are the first steps. The remaining steps are unknown. Any volunteer?

  1. Using Calc. Navigate to “Insert > Object > OLE Object”
  2. The “Insert OLE Object” window will open
  • Select “Create new”
  • Select “LibreOffice 4.* Text”
  1. Navigate to “Insert > Fields > Others”

Another option. Which is more like a workaround. Is to use the CONCATENATE formula. Read more at Text Functions - LibreOffice Help


  1. Add “Doe” to cell A1. Without the quotes.
  2. Add the following formula to cell A2
  • =CONCATENATE("Good ","Morning ","Mrs. ",A1)
  • Returns: Good Morning Mrs. Doe.
  1. Reuse the same formula for any other cells
  2. Updating A1 will automatically update all linked cells