How do I insert an image/logo in a spreadsheet header?

I often need to use a logo in my spreadsheet headers. This is easy enough when creating document headers, but I can’t figure out how to do it for a spread sheet.

Hi. You can try this:

Format → Page

At the “Header” tab, click on “More”

There select image as background, which will allow you to pick a standard image file and select its position. That should do it.

Note that the image cannot be adjusted in size or any other parameter so it should be in a proper size for a header.

Another option is to use 1 or more rows on top of the spreadsheet as header.

Drawback: no page number, or other fields available.

Insert your logo in a cell. Menue:Format>Print Ranges…/Edit. For Rows select 1 to …, Print Range select “Entire Page”.

Now each page will have the first row(s) as header, an additional header will be printed above if you select it.