How do I install built-in (local) help?

I am using LibreOffice 6.1 in Windows 10, 64 bit OS. When I try to use help I get the message, “The LibreOffice built-in help for current UI language (English (USA)) is not installed on your computer.” How do I install this?

LibreOffice Version (x64) Build ID: efb621ed25068d70781dc026f7e9c5187a4decd1 CPU threads: 16; Windows 10.0; render: GL; Locale: en-US (en_US); Calc: CL

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No one will ever be able to upvote this question, because by definition it’s a newbie question and newbies can’t vote. I am seriously rethinking using this software because getting help is so difficult. And no, I won’t go down the rabbit hole of torrents… Put a button in the software.

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No need to use a torrent. The regular download is the green tag to the left of torrent.

Whether you use the software or not is your choice.


The offline help file can be obtained from the same post where you download LO from → Download LibreOffice. Look in lower left area of 6.1.0 section for Help for offline use: English (US) (Torrent, Info)

Perfect! Thank you very much.

Me to Thank u vary much

Appears not to work if the suite (and help) are not installed in the default directory,
I have it in C:\programs\LibreOfficePortable and the error message persists.


Do not know about LibreOffice Portable.

I’ve created a enhancement request for this dialog box to include a link for downloading Offline Help:

I used a zip file extractor utility (PZip), and do not understand the path where the extract should extract the files. Please provide guidance. Thank you, stay safe, Bob


Please do not use answers to ask questions. Please ask as a new question and include your OS and the LO version you are using.

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