How do I install LibreOffice 3.5 built-in help?

I successfully installed LibreOffice 3.5 after you helped with my previous question. I can’t find instructions for installing the built-in help. I have Fedora 16. My original installation was the Gnome 3 desktop, but now, thanks to Add/Remove Software I have multiple desktops I can log in to. I’m getting more experienced using the command line, but not to the point of installing tar files without explicit directions. My installation is 32-bit.

Install it just as the other packages (adapt the filenames to match the version/language/architecture of your download)

  1. unpack the tarball

    cd /tmp
    tar -xzf ~/Downloads/LibO_3.5.3_Linux_x86-64_helppack-rpm_en-US.tar.gz

  2. install the RPM

    rpm -Uhv LibO_3.5.3rc2_Linux_x86-64_helppack-rpm_en-US/RPMS/libobasis3.5-en-US-help-3.5.3-2.x86_64.rpm

  3. delete the extracted directory & file

    rm -r LibO_3.5.3rc2_Linux_x86-64_helppack-rpm_en-US

Make sure to download the same language as you use for the UI - otherwise you’ll still be redirected to the web-based help. (you can install help in multiple languages)