How do I install libreoffice?

I’ve downloaded the new version–twice! But the installation screen never appears!

See if that helps: I could not open any files after recent update.

Please have a look at the Getting started guide. Key information are missing (OS especially).

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You need to add your operating system at least. Please see Ask Getting Started

I assume you are using Windows 10 as that is common, and most people using Linux know to put their distribution details in. If you are using Windows 10S then you need to either buy the version from the Microsoft Store or take the free upgrade to Windows 10 Pro (non-reversible) so then you could install programs from elsewhere.

The default for new Windows 10 installations is to force you to use programs bought from only the Microsoft Store. To enable installation of programs from elsewhere go to Start Menu > Settings > Apps > Apps and features and in the drop-down box under Choose where to get Apps select Anywhere

You will also want to disable your anti-virus during install. See General Installation Issues (Windows) for problems that might arise during installation.

Hard Drive Access

Once installed you might need to give LibreOffice access to the hard drive in your anti virus.

Allow LibreOffice access to controlled folder

The below numbered list is from Use the Windows Defender Security app to allow specific apps

  1. Open the Windows Security by
    selecting the shield icon in the
    task bar or searching the start menu
    for Defender.
  2. Select the Virus & threat
    tile (or the shield
    icon on the left menu bar) and then
    select Ransomware protection.
  3. Under the Controlled folder
    section, select Allow an
    app through Controlled folder
  4. Select Add an allowed app and
    follow the prompts to add apps. You
    need to allow access to

3rd Party Anti-virus

If you do have a third party anti-virus go into settings and then look for something like anti-ransomware or folder protection. Have a look at the blocked apps list, if you see soffice.bin in there change it to Allowed (you might have to read AV help if not obvious). Otherwise go to the Allowed Apps setting and allow soffice.bin, this might not be easy so you might have to change the file type to All to see it and to add the Allowed list. Note that 3rd party anti-virus might make files Read Only so you can create a new file but you can’t save it subsequently. Sometimes, you might need to reboot after allowing a program access.

Cheers, Al