how do i install the 5.4.7 download?

the download appears in folder but after install attemp i find a box that says: Windows Installer circleX: The installation package is not supported by the processor type. Contact your product vendor. OK button

I am using Windows 10, with 32 bit operating system, x64 based processor. I believe I downloaded the x86 with x64 version of LibreOffice.
Did I download the wrong version?
Is there a version that will work with my computer’s OS?
What do I do to install?

I don’t know what the LO installer looks for on your system, but with a 32-bit OS I suspect that you should use the 32-bit application of LO, even if your processor handles 64 bits.

i agree, in 32-bit OS i should use 32-bit installer of LibreOffice

in 32-bit OS you should use 32-bit installer of LibreOffice