How do I install the vertical scale on the right hand end of a Calc spreadsheet?

I’m using Version: on Linux Mint 17.1 64 bit. I have a large Calc spreadsheet file covering the financial year and the vertical scale disappears from view as the year wears on, hence having the vertical scale on the right hand end of the spreadsheet as well would add significantly to its usability.

You should use the option “Freeze” in the menu “Window” to fix the column, which contains the row headers. Set the cursor top-left in the range, which should not be frozen, and select that item.

If the column, which you want to see always, is not at an edge, you can split the window (in menu Window too). Than resize the parts so, that one part shows only your to be fixed column.

You can also split the window, either horizontally to maintain a header row, or vertically to maintain a header column or vertical scale as you are calling it.
For a header row or rows: above the elevator button at the top right there is a small box. When you hover over it the cursor changes to a double line with opposite facing arrows. Drag it down to split the window in two, with as many rows in the upper section as you like. Then do your vertical scrolling in the lower window.
Similarly for a vertical scale, the control button is at the right of the bottom right lateral elevator button. Use it the same way.
To reset the windows back to a single window easily, just hover over the pane divider to get the double line/double arrow cursor and double click.