How do I keep a running balance when blank rows can exist?

How do I keep a running balance in an ever growing column when blank rows can exist?

The equation that I have used until now is
=IF(E8<>"",F7+E8,"") where column E is the data input column and column F is the running balance.

I’m running English libreoffice calc Version: on Ubuntu 14.04

Avoiding to use null strings, I think makes easy the life, just use a format that not show zeros #.###;-#.###.

Or use function N() =N(E8)+F7

N() Returns the numeric value of the given
parameter. Returns 0 if parameter is
text or FALSE. If an error occurs the
function returns the error value (LibreOffice help).

For me the best option to avoid also issues with insert/delete rows is: =SUM(E$1:E8), because SUM() doesn’t take in account text cells.

You also may have a look into this example document : ask45819RunningBalanceFormats001.ods

It should demonstrate a solution based on a concept also applicable in many similar situations. It’s stressing the usage of named cell formats which is (imo) widely underestimated.

(Excel(R) may not provide the STYLE function. They are fond of their “ribbon” and of direct formatting, it seems. But, may also be, they are catching up. G+++++ing a bit to find out I got a lot of words and little sense.)

Sorry! Just tried the download myself and found the “error” in D15:D16. Please rectify.

Ok I’ve played with all your suggestion and settled on the hidden style. I could not seem to get it to work with sum() so I used it just like the example.

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