How do I keep password protection on calc?

Hi, my employees fill out time sheets on a spreadsheet. We used to use excel. We now use libre office. With excel, they would have to enter their 4 digit password to access the document.
With libre office, they only have to do that the first time, and after that, it doesn’t require the pwd to ever be entered again.
I want them to have to always enter their password, that way they are not able to access each others time sheets.
How do I make it so libre office does NOT remember passwords?
Thanks in advance!

There’s a UseStorage setting under Expert Configuration’s org.openoffice.Office.Common/passwords. This setting might be defined and set final in a custom .xcd, or using an Active Directory group policy (see Post deployment configuration in Wiki).

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It’s fine when it’s an option, the problem is when the user has no way to turn it off