How do I limit writer's recent document list to writer documents?

I mostly use calc, and am finding that the recent documents list in writer is full of those documents (which is not helpful). How do I filter the recent documents list to show the extensions I want to see in writer?

Agree 100%

Someone needs to please fix this. It leaves a very bad impression on the user for this program.

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the answers is: You can’t filter the recent document list and there is only one single recent document list for the whole application suite and no module specific recent document lists.

(there is an enhancement request #tdf80934 addressing this requirement).

Hope that helps.

I use an extension to do just as you want. I got it from the OpenOffice extensions site. I believe the name of it is something like “history master”. (Unfortunately, I am not at my PC now to check the name.) Go to the site and search.

I found history master, history manager, and oblivion, all of which seem designed to address this issue. All are older, but I will try them and see if they still work. Thanks for the tip.