How do I link to an external named range without DDE

I wish to bring over a total from one workbook to another without using DDE as that is deprecated and is cuasing me problems. The total is in a single cell with a range name. Both workbooks are in the same directory.

If I try Insert | Link or dragging the range name from the source sheet using the navigator, it inserts the contents of the cell, character for character. This is a formulae, which gives the required result in the source sheet but is utterly meaningless in the destination.

If I type “=” in the cell contents toolbar then click on the cell in the source document, this works fine, but it inserts the cell reference raw rather than with its range name. If I try to substitute the cell reference with the range name, it produces an error. Sometimes, a well meaning paper clip substitutes the range name I have just entered for the path to the file whilst converting the original path (still present) to all lower case so it doesn’t resolve. Is my poor old computer still haunted by Bill Gates?

As I need to create a new sheet at each period end, it would be a lot of work to re-insert all these references with the correct cells. I know I am missing something obvious, can someone help me?

Platform - Linux Mint 17.3 with xfce, based on Ubuntu 14.04.
GUI - xfce V4.10
Application - LibreOffice Version: