how do I lock a background image?

I am creating a fillable form in Libre Office - but the background I have designed properly in another programme.
So I have placed this as an image but how can I place the image and then LOCK it so when I add fillable boxes (etc) that I don’t interfere with the background image?


Do you use Writer or Calc for the fillable form?

Hey emjayf,
First it is depending on what program of the OL-suite you are using as Grantler points out.
If you use Writer, you can place your image in the header, then it will hold its place and will be repeated on every page in the document.
If you only want it on one page, paste it in the first position of the first line. Double click the image to open image settings. In the tab ‘Type’ you set anchor to ‘page’ and set dimensions and such accordingly.