How do I maintain text size and layout relative to page size when changing the page settings?

I’ve gained permission from the copyright holder to self-print their book with an espresso book printing machine. The pdf I have is prepared to print in standard 8.5" by 11", but the printer requires, at largest, 6" by 9". When using Draw to change the page format settings the text remains the original size and ends up off of the page. How can I lock the size and location of the text to the page while changing the page settings?

Why do you want to do the task with Draw? The Acrobat Reader can reduce size while printing.

I’m not doing the printing, the print office is and requires that the page size be set for particular size restrictions, e.g., not on standard size paper.


Try to check Fit object to paper format when you change the paper format in Page tab of Format Page


In trying that, it keeps the text closer to its original position, but doesn’t change the text sizing.