How do I make a fill-in chart with 14 columns and 20 rows divided by lines?

I want to make a fill in chart for monthly bill paying. It needs to have 14 columns divided by vertical lines, and 20 rows divided by horizontal lines. The data will be hand entered every month.

Retag your question to tell which component you want to use for this chart: this is possible in Writer, Calc, Draw and Impress. As you tagged common, we understand you want to use them all. So, please, confirm because the procedure is different in each component.

In case you target a single component, the official tag is either writer, calc, draw or impress and delete common.

If you explain the purpose of the chart, it may help us to help you. So…


  • Do you want to make a sort of reminder, a poster for the wall to cross out when each payment is done?
  • Is it for planning and/or logging your expenses, so calculation may be useful?
  • Is visualizing important (e.g. for motivation)?
  • Do you simply need to have somewhere suitable to take notes of every expense as they occur?
  • Dou you plan to use it on screen or print it?

The right tool

Rough guide

For calculation, the spreadsheet app Calc is the tool of choice. The cell grid is huge, and size is not configurable (around 1000 columns by a million rows, or even more in the latest “fresh” app versions). You just use what you need and forget the rest.

For “in your face” designs, Impress may be a better tool. Perhps not ideally suited to your chart unless you could split it to smaller chunks.

Larger posters are best to create in Draw.

For “linear flow” documents and consistent layout, use Writer.

For the output, Draw allows in the print dialog (Draw tab) to print multiple sheets for one page. I’m guessing that this poster is going to be bigger than A4 or possibly even A3.

If Calc is the better option, then choose a large enough page size and Export to PDF. PDF print dialogs normally allow you to select multiple sheets per page.

As an aside, you could look at the Extensions to see if there is something prepared already, search budget or expenses, Cheers, Al