how do i make a photo album

I am trying to create photo albums. I had played around with a Microsoft program called Sway previously and opened it. Then I searched for digital photo albums and found some programs. I also thought about making them in Writer or Impress. I got the Photo Album extension installed and went to Tools → Add-ons → Photo Album Creator but it looked like regular Impress. Any suggestions for making albums? How do I tell if Photo Album Creator is running?

Google photo album programs

You can easily do it manually with Writer (and export as a PDF if required) or Impress. See [Tutorial] Some useful hints on using images. Anchor images to the page or anchor each image to its own (possibly empty) paragraph.

The resulting files will be huge so consider resampling the images before inserting them. If creating a PDF consider setting the dpi to 150 dpi. Make sure you do not paste jpg images into Writer or Impress.

If using Impress minimise the presentation.

IrfanView creates slide shows on your PC of image files stored on the PC, phone, memory stick etc. It has the advantage that you show the original images stored in their folders and you don’t create copies of them.

NB. Tools > Add-Ons > Create Photo Album …, worked for me. Navigate to the folder with the photos and bingo! they all get inserted into Impress with cross fades between the slides. That is all the Add on does.

With Impress.

Menu/Insert/Media/Photo album