How do I make Calc use my default template?

I’m completely new to LibreOffice. Running version on a Mac (Mojave).

I created a default template for Calc, in order to customize the font. If I create a new document (Command-N), it uses the default template as expected (I get the font I want). But if I open a .csv file my default template is not used (the font is wrong).

How do I make Calc use my default template when opening a .csv file? Or is there some other way to get the font I want in this situation?

Have you tried opening the template and saving it (Save As) with the file name that you want for your new document, then highlighting and COPYING the data in the csv file into the renamed template?

There is probably an easier way but you could start with this method. This way preserves your original data (csv file) in case you need to debug something later, and ensures that the template is still usable in its original form.

Well, I can create a new document (which uses my default template), then paste the contents of the csv into the new document, which amounts to the same as your suggestion. But that’s really no less work than manually changing the font. I’m hoping for a way to make it respect my default template automatically.

Sorry, given my limited experience with templates, I don’t know of an easier way. Maybe someone else can help you further with this.