How do I make "English (USA)" spell check work?

My spell check is not working properly. I think it is because my default language is “English (USA)”, which is what I want, but when I look at it in the list for “Default Language for Documents” setting, “English (USA)” does not have a little “ab check-mark” in front of it. “English (UK)” does have the check-mark, and if I switch the language to “English (UK)”, the spell check works. I do want to use the American English dictionary, if possible. How do I enable spell checking for “English (USA)” as the default language?

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you seem to be on Ubuntu 20.04 (or one of its derivatives). You need to

  • check installed (using apt list hunspell-en-us)
  • install (using sudo apt install hunspell-en-us)

package hunspell-en-us

Additional remark: Check the language of your text as well, since language text can be specified down to the character style level.

Hope that helps.

That worked. Thank you.

I need help as I have the same problem, the fix didn’t fix my issue. I have no clue how to get Writer to recognize the dictionary. I have found nothing in settings nor help online to guide me!

@mestimmel: Is it really the same problem? You didn’t mention OS name nor LO version.

FTR: yesterday a similar Q appeared on IRC, and the user had a problem that their document was fetched from Google Docs, and its text language was English {en}, not English (USA), and thus no dictionary matched that text language. Setting all text language to the correct language helped.

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