How do I make LibreOffice default on my Mac?

How do I make LibreOffice the default app for opening Word or any text documents on my Mac?

Right-click (for example) on one file with a .docx extension (word doc). Then click on Get Info in the pop-up, then click Open With if the section isn’t already expanded click the drop-down and choose LibreOffice/ or LO writer.
Click Change All… then Continue

I did the first part, but didn’t see the “Change All” and “Continue”…

How does one right click with a mac mouse? :wink:

You hold the control (ctrl) key on the keyboard while clicking. :crazy_face:

Sometimes you have to do weird things when you remove something you thought you would not need.

Ah but there isnt a solution for right clicking with just the mouse ad there is no right button on a mac. It requires a keyboard! :wink: