How do I make LibreOffice my default suite?

I use a Windows 10 computer. Must I uninstall Microsoft Office?

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There are several ways to do this, but an easy one that works in many Windows versions (including 10):

  • Open Explorer and navigate to a file type that you want assigned to LibreOffice
  • Right-click on the file, and choose “Properties”
  • in the dialog that opens, you’ll see an “Opens with:” line, with a Change... button: click the button

  • Choose LibreOffice as the app;
  • Repeat for all desired filetypes.

It is also apparently possible to re-run the installer to have LibO “claim” default status for MS Office filetypes. See Lupp’s answer in a previous Q&A.

One easy way is to assign LO to the various file types. This is practical if you mainly use only a few types.

Let’s say you want all .docx to open in LO. Find a .docx file in Explorer. Right-click on it and select Open As. Click Other, select LO, and then check Make Default Program. Done. This will write your choice to the Windows registry.