how do i make libreoffice write hold position of graphics. I protect images against changes in position, but Writer hanges them each time file is saved, closed, and reopened

This applies to Writer 7.02 operating under Ubuntu 20.10. Protect position should me PROTECT POSITION. Writer will not protect position.


In what format are you saving your documents?

How are your images anchored? Have you configured specific position options?

The easiest way to keep your images from “jumping around” is: Anchor > As Character

Note: this is not the standard way that LO Writer inserts images. (MS Word does it this way.)

Only if images are supposed to be part of text flow!

Usually they are side illustrations equivalent to side or margin remarks. Anchor mode To paragraph seems to me a more “natural” mode corresponding to traditional image usage.

It appears that only workaround is to save in ODT, and then when document is ready, convert to PDF.