How do I make multiple order forms that are all linked to a single incremental order number?

My business manufactures various types of custom made orthopaedic splints (orthosis). Each type of splint requires a specific order form to be completed. For example we have a specific order form for foot orthosis and a separate form for knee orthosis.

I was thinking I would transpose our paper order forms onto their own libre base forms so that any form can be filled in as required. Although the forms would be separate I would require that their ‘Order Number’ would always follow on eg. Foot orthosis (order number 3) could be followed by knee orthosis (order number 4).

As well as all forms linking up to a single order number field I would like them to link up to general information like ‘Order Received’ and ‘Invoice Number’.

I hope I have been clear but I am very new to this as it is my first database. Thank you in advance.

(Using Windows 10, English, LibreOffice 5 Base)

To start you off create a Table containing OrderNumber Field of Type Integer and set to “AutoValue”. This Field will auto increment every time a record is added to the Table. Create a Field SplintType to hold Foot, Knee, etc. Create Fields to hold data about all the data for all of the types of splints. For a particular type of splint such as foot, not all of these Fields will be used.

Create forms to enter orders for each type of Splint. For all the Order Forms base them on the Table you created. For the Foot Order Form include only the Table Fields that relate to Foot Splints, and the same for the other types of splints. Include the SplintType on all the Forms and in the Foot Type in design view of the form set the default entry for SplintType to “Foot” and the corresponding Type for the other Forms.