How do I make the cursor stay where it is when I close a document?

When I close a document and reopen it, the cursor has returned to the very beginning of the document. This is a problem when I am on page 200+ when I close the document. How do I make the cursor stay where it is when I close the document as was the case with the previous version I was using?

Which LibO version? Which OS?

May this is the solution; it is copied from the Help files of LibO

Cursor Position
In general, all
documents open with the cursor at the
start of the document. One exception
appears when the author of a Writer
text document saves and reopens a
document: The cursor will be at the
same position where it has been when
the document was saved. This only
works when the name of the author was
entered in Tools - Options -
LibreOffice - User Data.

  1. Press Shift+F5 to set the cursor to the last saved position.

I also recommend to have a look at the free guides which you can download from

Search questions for “save cursor position”

Check Out This

Quick answer is that this stopped working with LO 4.3

Hope it gets fixed soon. I like this function very much in my longer documents…