How do I make the default paper size letter

I live in the USA.
I have promoted, installed and used OpenOffice and LibreOffice for many years.

But one thing has beaten me, the program always setups up to A4 paper size and I have never been able to change it. I am in the habit now, of whenever I create a new document (of any type) I simply format the page to Letter.

I am from the UK, and have used and like A4, but I cannot buy it here, and I don’t think the printer would take it even if I could!


Thanks for any suggestions or answers.


Changing the Default Template

Follow the steps here…

Thanks, it was that simple.

All done, now I can add some other templates.

Thanks again

Now, September 16th 2018 it is the other way around…

Letter is now the default size, it took me ages to figure out why my printer wouldn’t print. xD

Thanks for this simple solution!!