How do I measure distances between two points on a writer doc?

I opened, or better say imported, a PDF document which is the floor plan of an apartment. It must’ve been generated with some kind of software available to architectes. Now there are a lot of measurements lines within the document. In view of an upcoming move, I’d like to measure these lines just to get a better idea as how things will fit.
I used the ruler and was able able to change it to millimeter, but don’t know how to measure distance between two points. Any ideas?
Thanks for your input.

I assume that the PDF was opened in Draw.
Draw is the appropriate tool for your purposes.
Set the scale and scale your drawing in relation to a reference distance from which you know exactly the measurement. You can read how to do something like this here:

… plans in Draw

If you have further questions on this theme, don’t hesitate to add them here.

You can also upload your plan here so someone can look at it and possibly give you more tips.


Thank you for your input. Gave me a good starting point. Am new to this kind of work and not familiar with SCALE function. I’ll work on it and if need be will get back to the community.

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