How do I merge two separate csv files?

How to merge 2 separate csv files updated from email

What do you mean by “updated from email”? Should LibreOffice open the emails and do the work, or is it just files you receive as attachments but handle manually?

Received as separate attachments - Thanks

Obvious solution ! Upload CSV file, select, copy, and paste into file presently in Calc. mpkettle

What do you mean by “upload”? ‘Open in Calc’?

Correct - Open ! Thanks

see also my answer in your other question about combining csv-files in Calc.

Please add a link :slight_smile:

Might ‘Insert Sheet’ > ‘From file’ > (BROWSE csv-file) ‘OK’> (set import specifics) ‘OK’

meet your needs?

(See also my answer to your other recent question. Now inserted here.)

Open both documents. (We will call them A & B.)
Open a new document.
Go to document A. “Select All” and “Copy”.
Go back to the new document. “Paste”
Go to document B.“Select All” and “Copy”.
Go back to the new document. “Paste”.

Viola: merged documents.

None of these provide a simple way to do the requested function. Even very old ms excel provides this functionality.

As long as you are doing extra work, it’s probably easiest to just do it with the shell.

For example, in windows you can say

copy *.csv allfiles.csv

or, in unix, you can use ‘cat’ similarly.

Then, import the combined file to calc.

Of course, that assumes that all the csv files have consistent formatting and columns.

I often had the same problem so i decided to write a little php site which does the job. You can find it at Any feedback is welcome!

What a great program…wonderful thanks!