How do I number pages including act and scene numbers for a play script?

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Act I-Scene 1-Page number 5: I-1-5
Act II-Scene 3-Page number 35: II-3-35

You want to have the information in the footer and “played around” for a while but see only a chance to have the page number automated from the beginning until the end.

Information like " Act I-Scene 1-" could only be done by using sections and manually update a the " Act I-Scene 1-" information in the footer in front of the “Page number X”.

There is also the question of a table of contents (TOC). Do you need a table of contents?

You want to have this information in the TOC.
Here it would be possible to have
Act I
Scene 1…page 3
Scene 2…page 5

Act II
Scene 1…page 11
Scene 2…page 15

If this is what you imagine please give it try and ask if needed.

No TOC. Information is to be in the header. Page sequence should be: I-1-1, I-1-2, I-1-3 until scene 2. Then the sequence would start with: I-2-(document page number. When you come to act 2, it would begin with II-1-(document page number) and so on. There are several things that could be done to improve the use of headers. There could be a way to make changes flow forward and not back through the entire document.

After spending at least six hours working on this, I found a slow but successful solution. I shrunk the top margin down to a minimum, spaced down one line, typed in the Act, Scene and page number, then spaced down until the top line was at the right location. This had to be done manually for each page in the script. Nothing should be this hard.