How do I open an ODG file that can't be 'recovered'?

I downloaded LibreOffice to my MacBook this morning in order to edit a Visio file.

I worked on the one-slide .ODG file for 3 hours, saving it a few times - but now can’t open it at all:

  • The first time the program unexpectedly closed, I was doing a simple ‘find and replace’ on specific text on the slide.
  • When I recovered the file, error messages prevented me from saving it or even saving a version of it in another format.
  • The file then unexpectedly closed again, and I can’t open the file or use the ‘recovery’ feature

Is there any way of accessing the file? I’ll be happy if I can just see the content and do a ‘printscreen’, print to .PDF or similar…

I am sorry to read that you can’t open a file anymore.

Normally, -almost 2 years experience now - the automatic recovery function of LibO work perfectly fine. I never had a problem. I just follow what LibO suggests and don’t do anything else until the file is open. Thereafter saving in all possible formats is possible.

Thus, what are the steps you took to recover the file and save the file?
Which error messages popped up after which action of yours?

Which steps did you take to open the file?

This information is important to understand the situation and find a solution.

Let’s keep fingers crossed that the file can be recovered.