How do I open OffLine Help in Writer - No Internet

My Linux production computer has no Internet access to us common users. The Internet access is only available to a super user.

I put in a bug report and received this back

“You’ll notice the “off-line” help has been refactored to use your system default Web browser rather than a OOo era HTML view mode.
You can tell by local on file system URLs’, e.g. file:///C:/Program%20Files/LibreOffice/help/en-UK on Windows builds.”

I have no idea what that means other than OffLine Help has been disabled (probably).

Can anyone point me to a solution? When I inadvertently click Help by mistake I end up facing Four error messages.

I put in a bug report and received this back

Which bug number?

You do not need online access to use the offline help. But it needs to be installed on your LibO system. Each language has an offline help pack. You need to ask your system manager that it has been installed. You also need to have your browser running, presumably in offline mode. The HELP files are in HTML format that is supported by your browser.
Your setup is slightly different to normal so your system manager needs to adjust your settings.

I hope the system can be resolved for you. Please let us know.