How do i open onenote (.one) files in libre

i have a client and they transfered from windows to linuxmint. and on windows open note was what they used. is there any extention or other way than using wine of microsoft office? i need the ansswer as soon as possible. thnx for reading and your suggestions.

Did you mean OneNote (by Microsoft) or OpenNote (which is webbased as far as I can tell)?

the actual file

i am not sure if I understand your problem and question correctly.

Please read and answer: What information should I include in a question in addition to OS and LibreOffice version? - #4 by ROSt53

A possible workaround is to get a Linux Live DVD, run this Linux version on your normal Windows or Mac machine just from the DVD, and transfere the “.one” file content into a LibO file within Linux. Then you are in a natural LibO format.
As your client is using Linux Mint, i would also go for a Linux Mint version.