how do I organise my documents into folders on a window system LibreOffice ver

I want to have Calc document folders in years and the same for Writer documents


this basic operating system related question is not related to LibreOffice at all - please read your operating systems documentation about creating folders - or read this How to Create a New Folder in Windows 10 - dummieslink text or any other of the plenty result when searching the web for creating folders on Windows 10 and use File -> Save As to store your files within the respective folders.

Hope that helps.

Not really as I wanted to know how to save each file to go to the directories I set up as in MS Office Excel Tools Options General Default file location ie C:\ user\ Fred\ Documents\ Excel 2020. Which is in MS Office not Windows. Perhaps you misunderstood my not very accurate question.

Not sure about Windows 10, but as far as I know in Win 7 and all previous versions, no folder where you store your own data “belongs” to any particular program. While certain folders might by default be associated with particular programs, any program should be able to access any folder for the purpose of storing your data. You simply have to navigate to the folder, or point the program to the folder. The only exception to this that I know of is the permission required to access folders set up by other users of the same computer. So, any folder that you have permission to access can be accessed by any program that you have permission to use. But Windows 10 might be different.

So, ignoring the Win10 question, use your Windows file manager to create a folder like

C:\user\Fred\Documents\Calc2020 or


No windows 10 and windows 10 professional is the same system of files and directories . The reason I wanted to use a nominated path to my files like in MS office is you do not have to navigate there it does it for you as you set Excel (calc) to go to the year Excel folder or word (writer) to go to the year word folder actually in MS Office . Not sure but in Libreoffice might be called Paths?? I’m well over the hill at 73 years of age with a very bad memory had crash in 2012 lost some more memory? and had MS Office very old version that windows updates have clobbered.

Needed to write to a Cancer Surgeon as just got Diabetes followed just by Colon Cancer and low and be hold another problem MS Office has stopped working. So I’d heard of people using LibreOffice and used it to write my important letter. Now will be using Libreoffice for good. Thanks for your help all.

LibreOffice will save your documents anywhere you tell it to. You only need to navigate to the folder or directory where you want them saved and stored. You don’t have to accept the default location.

You only need to navigate to the folder or directory where you want them saved and stored.

That is the issue that is being questioned. Having to navigate to a folder every time you want to save or open a document is a gross violation of the user friendly concept. As a retired Application Developer, I can state that every class I ever took emphasized that you NEVER design applications that force your user to make unnecessary clicks or navigation. The user should be able to set up a default file location for each application within the suite so that when Calc is opened it, defaults to the Documents\CalcSheets folder and when Writer is opened it defaults to the Documents\WriterDocs folder. In Calc, recent files should only show calc files - not every LibreOffice file you have opened recently. You should not be forced to move through your folder structure to load/save your files.

An example on Windows.