HOW DO I PAY? I can't verify the pruchase

I downloaded Libre twice now, and i was super excited to do so. I love using it. its as good as Word in most all contexts , and for which I like WORD is redundant anyhow.

but both times, I selected Make a Donation.
assuming a HACKING deficit, or a performance Improvement… maybe clout.

but I came to the same issue: (i forgot it the first time*, so i wasn’t ready the second time.)

i need to confirm my Donation wit my cellphone.
FIRSTLY for ages I didn’t have one.
secondly no one wants to give that information away to Pedo tech giants.
Finally, I do not live in cell range.
and I hate Paypal. the guy who runs that is a legit pedo terrorist.

i’d give u my money, THAT means nothing to me. Your services are greatly appreciated: you are not Microsoft, whom I DEFENDED AVIDLY until Obama.

i don’t verify the purchase on youtube NOR on Ebay.

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That’s the choice of the payment provider(s), not LibreOffice or TDF.

Are you on a crusade or something? This is not the right place for that.

cellphones have like a 3km range.
funny, because the moon is 180 000km away, and 90 000km of that isn’t the medium necessary to transmit radio signals.